2011 Reports

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The behaviour of the HP cock on the port engine had been creating serious discussion at brew up times during the previous year and our pilot, Dennis, was developing large biceps on his left arm when it came to operating same. After the Open Days had been and gone, an all out attack was made on the offending said piece of equipment, but despite three brains, six hands and an awful lot of Anglo-Saxon said equipment stood unrepentant. Enter Chris: after 20 minutes of tender loving care with a BA spanner and a screwdriver said HP Cock reformed its ways and voila!

Chris having given his personal attention to the offending HP Cock fires up Treble Three’s port engine for a test. The last time he ran her engines was at Farnborough in 1995 just prior to her delivery to Bruntingthorpe. On both occasions the tests were satisfactory. The Gloster Painter appears to be kneeling in a pool of water – there’s dedication to duty!

Chris knew Treble Three very well having been involved in her engine operation and maintenance during her days at Royal Aircraft Establishment Bedford where he then worked. Subsequently, he had been involved in the operation of Canberra B.6 Mod WK163 when in private preservation. I hope he doesn’t mind, but on the Team we refer to him as “Mr. Avon”.

The routine tasks of maintenance can be time consuming and so many hands make light work. We welcome another Tim to the Team and, to avoid confusion, hereafter is known as Swing. Our Tim the First (aka Timnicebutdim) has had to give his undivided attention to Her Majesty’s helicopters in foreign parts for most of the year but his strongman tactics have been observed a few times in the period under discussion. Our Tim the Second (aka TT Timbo) has reverted to his 39 Squadron pseudonym of Rigglet so that what potentially could have been a somewhat bewildering episode for the non Tim Team members (Tim – could you pass me that spanner please? No, not you Tim, I meant Tim. No not you Tim, nor you Tim, but you Tim) has been averted.

Having learnt of Treble Three’s first flight date of 30th January, 1956 we went all out to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of this occasion on the day – see our separate report.