Cold War Jets Open Day 30th May, 2010

Early morning

Being brought on to the parade ground

Are we unhooked?

Ok – let’s get the show on the road!

All prepped ready to start

Port engine start

Front view – starboard engine start

Side view – starboard engine start

Rear view – starboard engine start

An unusual view of Treble Three but very effective – starboard engine start up

All turning and burning

With engines running checking for leaks

Moving off for figure of 8 taxy

Beginning the figure of 8

Performing the figure of 8

Lined up, winding up those Avons for a fast run

Just listen to that roar

After her run (the sun came out!) turning to backtrack

Treble Three continues her turn – note the air brakes extended on the wings

Heading back now to her parking spot to shut down and cool off.

CWJ Open Day 29th August, 2010

Dennis in reflective pose

Treble Three enters stage right

Graham about to prepare his audio recording equipment

Each cartridge has an 8-10 second burn time

So that’s about 4 seconds….

…and that’s about 8 seconds

And then we do the same again on the starboard side

Clive gives Andy the “thumbs up” for the port side whilst Rigglet checks inside the wheel well on starboard side.

Dennis exercises the flaps and airbrakes

Lined up and ready to roll

There’s quite a crosswind once again

Dennis acknowledging waves from the crowd

Shut down and wrapped up after her run today

The Team after a successful day with Treble Three

Back on her dispersal Treble Three basks in the evening sun.

Visit by (left) Bill Johns, ex TRE Defford, RRE & RSRE Pershore and RAE Bedford, and (centre) Dick Hall ex RAE Bedford 4th November, 2010

Snowy 27th November, 2010

Start up for engine run following maintenance – 21st January, 2011